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Jessica Rivera Real Estate

Exclusive Sales & Marketing Agent

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With over 20 years venturing in sales, Jessica Rivera is focused on providing the best advise and the best overall  real estate investment experience, whether you are buying or selling your property. 

Jessica is known for her selling, market research, and negotiating skills, which are most necessary to help clients land high quality investment opportunities.

Jessica Rivera is a Member in good standing of the San Juan Board of Realtors®


Overview of Services


Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory blessed with spectacular beaches, all year long 80-degrees weather, and, most important, spectacular people proud of calling themselves Puertorricans. Puerto Rico is rich in cultural heritage, from music, arts, and cuisine to professional sports, among other. We have gone through social and economic transformation from the coffee industry under the Spanish flag, to the sugar cane industry, to the industrialization. Today, Puerto Rico is home of 12 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the world, providing for about 20,000 jobs and millions of dollars to our economy. Current laws, like the Law 20 and 22, makes it attractive to mainland residents to move to our sandy and blue water shores.


Lets talk business. Residential real estate is booming. Regional markets such as San Juan (specifically, Condado, Miramar and Santurce), Guaynabo and Dorado are selling often above their appraisal value. Inventory units in these areas are limited. On the other hand, new construction for these same markets cannot absorb the current housing demand. Therefore, this is a great and exciting moment to enter into the real estate market, whether you are a buyer or seller.

Jessica Rivera Real Estate can help buyers and sellers navigate through the process of finding a new home or selling your property.

  • For Sellers: Benchmarking the Subject Property to Recent Comparables, Marketing, Staging, and Negotiation for Optimal Monetization of your Real Estate Asset.

  • For Buyers: Finding the Ideal Property based on your Requirements and Budget. Assistance with loan program recommendation that is a better fit under the circumstances.

  • Commercial Real Estate Sellers: Finding the Right Synergistic Buyer for Securing the Highest Possible Sales Contract.

  • Marketing Research and Advise.

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